Using The Website (faq)

Premium Listing Compare Cardiff Directory to Yell.com

Cost CardiffDir £15 a month Yell.com varied
Video Yes–No
Custom video Yes–No
Description Yes–Yes
Price lists Yes–No
Auto Social share Yes–No
Location Map Yes–Yes
Ratings Yes–Yes
Monitored Page Yes–No
Regular updates Yes–Yes
Change Video Yes–No
Easy Social Share tools for images-text box-video Yes–No

Is it free to use the website?

Yes. Using the website to find local firms and organizations is completely free.

How do I search for a local service?

Using the Local Directory to find firms and other organizations is straightforward. There are four main options to help you search:

  1. Using the search bar at the top of the site, simply type in your search term, the name of the company, the town or choose a category and click the search button. For example; type gym in the “I’m looking for” box and than type new york in the location box. Than click Search. The directory will return relevant results in a list. You can than choose to view the listings by clicking on the name of the business, there logo image or just clicking “Continue Reading”.
  2. Using the search boxes above the map on the home page, simply type in the name of the company, the town or choose a category and click the search button. For example; New York Coffeehouse. The directory will quickly return results on the map. You can click on the map pins to get further details and go straight to the listing. You can also search for listings near you by clicking the icon next to the search button and setting your search parameters.
  3. You can also search by placing keywords such as “Accountant” in the Keyword Search in the sidebar of each page. The directory will return relevant results in a list. You can than choose to view the listings by clicking on the name of the business, there logo image or just clicking “Continue Reading”.
  4. You can simply select the category that best suits your needs from the main navigation bar above the search map. This will produce a list of firms that specialise in that particular area.

How do I contact a business in the directory?

You can contact any of the businesses completely free of charge using there contact details such as address or phone numbers or send them a message using the email form at the bottom of each listing. Please note that some listings do not have this option.

For Companies – Getting Listed

Do you offer free listings?

Yes. Our free listings allow you to add your company name and address only. Free listings appear below Premium, Featured and Basic listings and do not appear in as many search results.

What is the criteria for being listed?

To be accepted for a listing in the directory we have the following requirements:

  • Be a local firm or organization. Check the homepage category list to see if your firm fits into one of these. If it does not, send us an email and ask us to create your category.
  • Be based in the target area or have an area based office address. You may need to clarify the area with us.
  • All contact information must be in the target area only including address and telephone details.
  • Must have a working website. We check to ensure website details including contact information match the entry listing.

We reserve the right to reject or remove listings.

What is a Basic Listing?

A Basic Listing allows you to add a business description, logo/image, interactive location map and email contact form to your listing.

Listing Types

What is a Premium Listing?

A Premium Listing is similar to a Featured Listing but the main business image will also be displayed on the home page Premium Ad rotator with a clickable link to your listing. Premium Listings always show up first on category searches and are rotated in the Premium areas.

Listing Types

Can I upgrade my listing after it has been activated?

Yes, after your listing has gone live you can login at any time to amend or upgrade your listing. Initial submissions are vetted and verified before going live.

Why has my listing been rejected?

We check every listing to ensure it meets the requirements of the directory including the correct category / practice area selection.

Sometimes, entries may be rejected because one or more pieces of information are missing or incorrect. Every entry requires website details to be provided. We check to ensure the website is working and that contact details match those on the entry listing. All entries must be law related, be based in the specified area and have specified area address and contact details.

Often, when a listing is rejected, the user can correct the information in order for us to accept and activate the listing. We reserve the right to place entries in appropriate categories / practice areas, correct spelling mistakes, links and other information on listings.

If your listing has been rejected than please contact us with the details so that we can help resolve the issue with you.

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How do we add our company social media accounts?

Featured and Premium listings are able to add social media accounts. You are given the option of adding your firm’s social media accounts during the listing submission. However, you can always add these details at any time after your listing is active by logging in and editing your listing.

The listing submission form will ask for the the full social media website address of your company profile (not your personal profile).

For example:

  • Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legal-Aid-Society/104046099633392
  • Twitter – https://twitter.com/ReutersLegal
  • Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/legal-aid-society
  • Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/CambridgeUniversity
  • Google+ – https://plus.google.com/u/0/105089733961907642394

Can I add multiple office listings?

Yes. But each listing must be added separately with a new registration and user. However, you cannot add multiple listings for the same office address. Each listing must have different address and email details.

I cannot find a suitable category for my listing. Can you add one for me?

We try and cover every possible practice area and  category. However, if your firm is Cardiff Based or CF postcode and you cannot find a suitable category, please contact us with your request.

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For Companies – Payment & Renewal of Listings

How can I pay for my listing?

We accept payment via PayPal. However, you DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to make a payment via Paypal. Paypal will accept your credit or debit card payment and is very secure. When you are transferred to the PayPal website, you are give the option of either logging into your PayPal account OR you can pay by Credit/Debit card without a PayPal account. Having a PayPal account to pay via PayPal is optional. Paypal is our preffered payment option as it provides instant payment together with a highly secure transaction process.

How do I renew my listing?

All listings renew automatically so there is no need to set a reminder.

Do you hold any of my bank/card details on file?

No. We do not collect, ask for or hold on file ANY of your card or banking details. All Payment details are made by you via PayPal.

Other Information

Do you have other advertising opportunities?

Yes. In addition to or normal directory listing service options, we also have sitewide banner advertising. Your firm can have a banner advert on the homepage and/or anywhere in the site. Clicking a banner ad will take the visitor directly to your listing, your own website or a page of your choice. We have multiple banner size and positioning options.

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Can i advertise my business free ? Yes But we suggest paid listings for better exposure. The Directory is now the number 1 Directory in Cardiff with improved traffic sources and performance increasing daily.

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