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Classes: PoundFit

“Pound is a fun and energetic workout, that you will feel making a difference. The classes are 45 minutes and after one class you’ll want to keep coming back. Join my Tribe today and get ready to Rockout Workout with me.” – Emily Reed.

+ Burn up to 900+ calories for every hour, reinforce and shape occasionally utilized muscles, and drum your way to a more slender, slimmer build – all while shaking out to your most loved music!

+ Drastically enhance your mood, timing, coordination, speed, nimbleness, continuance, and musicality.

+ Cinch the waistline, thin the thighs, and fortify connective tissue and infrastructural muscles with the mix of soundness and cardio.

+ Numerous examinations have demonstrated the capable mind boosting, push soothing impacts of drumming. The musicality of drumming pervades the whole mind to enhance centre, increment more elevated amount considering and basic leadership abilities, support the resistant framework, bring down pulse, diminish constant agony, uneasiness, and weakness.

Utilizing drumsticks, delicately weighted drumsticks designed particularly to exercise, POUNDFIT changes drumming into an unbelievably successful method for working out.

Rather than tuning into music, you turn into the music in this thrilling full-body exercise that joins cardio, moulding, and quality preparing with yoga and pilates-motivated developments.

Intended for all wellness levels, POUNDFIT gives the ideal atmosphere to let free, getting invigorated, conditioning up and rockin’ out! The exercise is effectively modifiable and the option vibe and inviting logic bids to men and ladies of any age and capacities.

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Pontprennau Community Church ,Hoel Pontprennau
South Glamorgan
CF23 8LL, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Opening Hours:


Tel: 07908636891


Contact: Emily




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