Cardiff Directory Banner Advertising

We are currently offering the opportunity to advertise throughout the site and promote your business to thousands of users each month. The main banner sizes are:

Leaderboard Front page(468×60 pixels) £85.00 a month
Full Banner (468×60 pixels)  £50.00 a month
Wide Skyscraper (160×600 pixels) £50.00 a month
Footer Mobile Banner (320×100 pixels) £45.00 a month shows on mobile and desktop
Medium Rectangle (300×250 pixels) £40.00 a month

Rotating banner ads are used in the header, sidebars, footer, pages and news posts and can link to websites, your facebook page or your listing in the directory. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a banner, we’ll create one for you free of charge.

For information on banner ad rates or to get banner adverts created please call us on

0844 351 1064

Featured Editorial

We run featured editorials on local businesses. If you have some local news please get in touch with us.

Why advertise or upgrade your page

Unlike most Local directories we are active in promoting our site to the public, with your investment in us we reuse a fair percentage and reinvest back into advertising the directory insuring maximum exposure.
The idea for the directory was born out of a passion for helping local business to get the most out of advertising for as little cost as possible. After running several businesses over a 30 yr period we understand how important it is to get the correct exposure in your own geographical location .

Each level of upgrade gives different options which should suite all types & size of business allowing you to create a mini website which gives every detail of your company in a truly professional manner .
What is the Difference between our directory and others ??

We promote our directory to the public in your specific area to encourage them to use it more like a search engine, this will make it much easier to find exactly what they are looking for when looking for a local business .

We advertise the #Cardiff #directory as a business to encourage more users,we don’t just leave it sitting on Google relying on organic traffic only .Local advertising Cardiff

Each entry looks professional and has the links you require to get that phone call or email you would expect from any form of advertising .

The Premium Entry of course is the best but still very affordable to all small businesses but the beauty of this option is it is like a little website showing pretty much everything the modern user would expect which includes all links,descriptions,pictures and video. Showcasing your business to the public and providing all the information needed to create a sale .

The Directory is focused on your area for local advertising cardiff geographically and all businesses within that area only, thus focusing your business and your local customers to one place helping your community and local Economy flourish.

If a Business has no website than this is a very economical way to get your business notice online. Once you have built your mini website within our directory you can share the url as if it’s your own stand alone website as shown here as an example

This can be shortened with like this

or can be created as link like this Thomas Gardiner Bathrooms

or there are other options we could help with either way it’s affordable for all Businesses

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No contract &
Cancel when you want policy
Allowing freedom with no commitment
We Charge £25 for any professional entry needed for businesses who would like a page to look the part we can supply images and add video if required, plus menu’s and pdf files etc.

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